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The Great Dane is a large German breed of domestic dog known for its giant size. The record holder for the tallest dog ever is a Great Dane called Zeus, who measured 111.8 cm (44.0 in) from paw to shoulder. Great Danes are one of the heaviest breeds of dogs, typically weighing between 100 and 120 lb (45 and 54 kg). The Great Dane is a working dog developed originally for hunting boar, deer and bear.

Great Dane for Stud (Mayo)
Published 2 weeks ago

Great Dane for Stud (Mayo)

Mayo Great Dane Age: 2 years
Koby is a friendly, affectionate 2 year old Great Dane. He is a very affectionate and placid dog.His colour is always admired on his walks, he gets lots of admirers .He is very good with children.Vaccinated.Wormed.


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