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Paul & Yukon at 10 weeks

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We often get asked to comment on pieces in the news around pet care in Ireland, dog breeding statistics or animal health and welfare cases. While we try to answer all questions, it's not always possible to do deep data or legal analysis due to our limited team size. For all media requests please contact us on

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# Date Details Source
1 03.10.2023 to partake at International Companion Animal Welfare Conference
(ICAWC) in Nicosia, Cyprus.
2 18.09.2023's founder Paul Savage talks about privacy first analytics and why he chose SimpleAnalytics.
3 17.09.2023 refenced in ‘Dangerous’ American Bully XL dogs for sale in Ireland as ban urged in UK after latest death in the Irish Independent and on The Journal.
4 08.08.2023 shares Import and Export numbers of dogs made available under the Freedom of Information Act, 2014. Link
5 23.05.2023 takes part in the Purina Unleashed panel on "Let's talk about Pet Acquisition!" Event Summary
6 26.02.2023 mentioned in The Irish Sunday Times in regards to "Inside Ireland’s €120m puppy farm industry — where designer dogs sell to Singapore for €5,000" Link (Paywall)
7 25.01.2023 presents at the Permanent Representative of Ireland in Brussels at the workshop “Pet Breeding, Trade and Traceability: Challenges and the way ahead”. Link
8 18.01.2023 mentioned in regards to Dog Breeding Establishments by DSPCA's Education Officer Gillian Bird.
9 06.12.2022 referenced by media outlets on the topic of restricted dog breeds in Ireland.
Irish Mirror
10 05.10.2022 partakes in International Companion Animal Welfare Conference
(ICAWC) in Sophia, Bulgaria.
11 14.07.2022 referenced in the reserach study "Understanding the dog population in the Republic of Ireland: insight from existing data sources?" by Simon J. More, et al. Link
12 30.03.2022 Oireachtas Committee - Regulations and Verification systems of online sales of Pets. This meeting is part of the Committee’s Post-Enactment Scrutiny of the Animal Health and Welfare Act 2013. Paul Savage, Founder of presenting. Link
13 26.08.2021 Online Puppy Trade made safer in Ireland - Four Paws International & show the first implementation of VeriPet, the Model Solution for selling pets online. Link

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