Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that come up in the past. If you have additional questions you can contact us at or click to contact. Another great resource is our help website of articles.

The prices (inclusive of VAT) are as follows:
  • Dog(s) for sale ad : €50.00 for a 30 day advert
  • Dog(s) for sale ad (bump to top): €12.00 to bump the ad to the top of the listing and extends an ad by 5 days.
  • Dog for stud ad : €14.99 / month or €99 / year.
  • Vet practice ads : €29.00 / month, or €249 / year.
Stud ads and vet ads, are bumped automatically each month they are subscribed. We offer registered charities & animal shelters free accounts to rehome their dogs. More information can be seen on our pricing page.

Unfortunately we can't offer refunds at this time. If your ad isn't able to be published we will work with you to get all the right information in the ad. If your ad is published and the dog hasn't sold, you may ask for a 1 time ad extension, and we can help you with your ad description to help the sale.

We're sorry, we no longer are able to accept these types of payments. This is due to a higher level of fraud through these methods, so we had to turn it off for everyone. More information about payments 💳.

Simply put, this is a security measure. We send SMS's to all our members to verify that they really are who they say they are. For this reason we would also like to send you a single SMS to verify that you are in Ireland, and not trying to sign up multiple times. We verify both sellers and buyers before they can send messages & post ads.

The quickest answer is because it's the law. All dogs advertised have to comply with S.I. No. 681 of 2019 ANIMAL HEALTH AND WELFARE (SALE OR SUPPLY OF PET ANIMALS) REGULATIONS 2019. All puppies & dogs ads need to be posted with their microchip numbers. Read S.I. No. 681

You should fill out all the fields ! Many of them are optional, but by filling them all out, you will help explain more about your dog, and you are more likely to get the right kind of people contacting you. You can also update your ad at any time. Microchip information is now a requirement since February 2020. Also don't forget to add some great photos!

We recommend that you don't put your exact address or EirCode in your advert. This is for your own privacy & safety. Having people contact you through our website ensures that they themselves are also verified by SMS.

We have a list of various signals to ensure that each ad on the website is legitimate. We monitor the number of ads posted by each user, words used, IP address and a few more items. We aim to be the safest platform for selling dogs in Ireland. Read more about security measures.

Simply contact with the link to the ad, and the reason why you think it should be reported. Alternatively each ad has a handy link with the following icon Report Ad that you can click on and fill out a form. We will then investigate further.

Yes you can! Ads do better when they have more pictures attached. On each ad you can place up to 10 images. Any signs that your pets are not in healthy condition may result in your ad being removed and your account suspended. You can also use your webcam, or mobile phone camera to add images to your advert.

This website has been run by Paul Savage since 2008. It's been a labour of love to bring it to where it is today. has been created with the aim of being the safest platform for selling & buying dogs in Ireland. is Ireland's bussiest pet website. Approximately 20,000 visits a day come to the website. You can learn more about this and other numbers on our open data page.

For everyone there is going to be a different answer, dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, but rest assured there is a perfect puppy out there for you. We recommend you read our free dog buying guide and perhaps purchase a few books about specific breeds.

We have more articles and information that can be found at, failing you can fill our our contact form or email

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Updated - 01.04.2024