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The Bullmastiff is a large, powerful dog breed that is known for being loyal and protective. They are gentle giants that make great family pets, but they need plenty of exercise and socialisation. Bullmastiffs are also known for being stubborn and headstrong, so training and obedience classes are a must. These dogs are not for everyone, but if you are looking for a big, loyal, and loving companion, the Bullmastiff might be the perfect breed for you. Bullmastiff are on the restricted dogs list.

•Bullmastiff• STUD
Published 4 days ago

•Bullmastiff• STUD

Clare Bullmastiff Age: 3 years
Moose is a 68kg Bullmastiff, he is both loyal and strong. He’s also a big clown and loves playing. Ball is his favourite. He has been well socialised with different breeds of dogs since I got him as a pup. He’s very friendly and gentle. He loves going on walks and adventures but if your not in the mood for it he is happy to laze around and sleep all day! Best of both worlds with this beautiful example of a Bullmastiff. He produced a litter of 15 pups with 100% survival rate in one of his latest meetings. Give us a call to arrange a meeting. We can travel if necessary. Thanks for looking! Contact: Charlie 0834584842
Published 2 weeks ago


Laois Bullmastiff Age: 2 years
Excellent example of breed Bullmastiff IKC registered For more details, contact any time Thanks


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