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The Akita Inu is a calm quiet breed that will seldom bark. They are very clean dogs and make great house dogs, despite their size. They tend not to do great with other dogs, and most trainers will say they should never be left alone in same sex pairs. These would be good as a single pet for a family. They need training from an early age, and will need to be continued into adulthood. Akitainu do shed their coats, like Huskys, twice a year. Expect your home to be covered in tufts of hair for a few weeks each year. Japanese Akitas are on the restricted dogs list.

Zukki the Akita
Published 1 week ago

Zukki the Akita

Wexford Akita Age: 6 years
Beautiful big american akita .healthy active dog . Very friendly character, playfull. He is pure white . His puppies were always white and like the father ..big round head. .. Price for servicing is 500 or 1 puppy . Thanks for looking


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