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The French Bulldog is a small breed of domestic dog. "Frenchies" were the result of a cross between Toy Bulldogs imported from England and local ratters in Paris during the 1800s. They were popularised in France by actress Sarah Bernhardt, who kept one as a pet. French Bulldogs are muscular, heavy boned dogs that are shorter and stockier than their English Bulldog cousins. They have a long, soft coat that can be either brindle, fawn, or white. Other colours are more rare. Frenchies are not big on barking, but are very alert dogs. They do not require a lot of exercise.

Lilac and tan maskless studs proven 🔥
Published 1 day ago

Lilac and tan maskless studs proven 🔥

Fury lilac and tan maskless health tested clear on all 4 panels well proven stud dog he comes from top bloodlines, grandson of famous casino and on he’s mother side bosslines Ai included and he also can do natural he is registered with DWKC and EABKC and KC 5 generations. also we have lilac and tan Merle son of gorge jr grandson of gorgeous gorge 🇺🇸 health tested clear on all 4 panels now working built like a tank proven ,we are now also doing chilled semen shipping fast delivery 📦
Rocky the French Bulldog  for Stud, IKC registered.
Published 4 days ago

Rocky the French Bulldog for Stud, IKC registered.

!Look at This Gorgeous Boy ! Meet Rocky, one of the most correct French Bulldog studs we have ever seen. He is IKC registered. 0% Tail Beautiful Ear Set Perfectly Rounded Super Flat Face Fully Health Checked 0% Breeding issue Open Nostrils Semen analyzations Done DNA Testing Done Testable + Pending Fluffy Proven Stud dog with 3 different Litters on ground USA Bloodline Offspring of the famous Playboy & Welsh Wizard Please Pm me for more information & price TwelfthAvenue Kennel
🔥RIO🔥 available for stud 🩸💦
Published 4 weeks ago

🔥RIO🔥 available for stud 🩸💦

Rio is a lilac fawn carrying testable 🍫, he comes from top bloodlines 🩸 and a great structured boy. Rio is an all round great family dog and always around kids. We are excited to see what our boy will produce 🔥🩸💦


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