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Mastiffs are one of the oldest breeds of dogs, and have been used for guarding and protection for centuries. They are large and powerful dogs, with males typically weighing over 200 pounds. Mastiffs are loyal and protective of their families, and can make great guard dogs. They are also gentle and good with children. However, because of their size and strength, they need to be properly trained and socialised from an early age. Mastiffs are not a good choice for first-time dog owners.

Top Bred Chinese Tibetan Mastiff  €5,000
Published 3 days ago

Top Bred Chinese Tibetan Mastiff €5,000

Dublin Mastiff Age: 2 years 1 Male
Name: CalibosAge: 3 Years OldOrigin: Chinese LineWeight: 50-60KG – 140lbsCoat - Double Coated Colour - Dark Black & Tan Temperament - Orginal Breeders Quoted One of a kind for his breed Easy Going / Taken to strangers & vets & trainers easy no issues all have stated how well mannered he is. Has all vaccines and dewormer monthly tabletsEasily transfer lience & passport to new owners through his Personal VET clinic. Here we have a beautiful dog for sale a true loyal companion only loyal to it’s owner or family members that it recognize as part of it pack once the bond is built with him. He's a very stand out of his breed as he's well boned and large head short snout healthy joints moves very well especially for dinner time πŸ˜‰ Everyone who has come in contact with him since buying him has been obsessed as he’s truly a rare type of his breed, and stated they wished they could take him home 🏑 He was bought from A top breeders worldwide of tibetan mastiff line of dogs and puppies who won countless awards at dog shows over the past 20 years. Last if his kind from breeders as they be ceasing breeding after such a long career in the business. All dogs from this renound breeders sell for between €8,000 - €12,000 Hence the price of €5,000 which includes his obedience training with K9 security Ireland. He was fully groomed by the team at K9 training while at his time spent there. Who is more then happy to post him on their website. Also eye surgery he had done to save him going blind over time, this isn't in final fee as it had to be done for his health. Also bundled in that price is all of his toys, accessories, brushes, leashes, collar, medical tablets for deworming and joints etc. -SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY & QUESTIONS ONLY. - TO A GOOD SUITABLE HOME ONLY. -VERY FIT FOR STUD - NEW OWNERS CHOICE. πŸ“¬ CONTACT PREFERRED ON DOGS.IE


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