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The Great Dane is a large German breed of domestic dog known for its giant size. The record holder for the tallest dog ever is a Great Dane called Zeus, who measured 111.8 cm (44.0 in) from paw to shoulder. Great Danes are one of the heaviest breeds of dogs, typically weighing between 100 and 120 lb (45 and 54 kg). The Great Dane is a working dog developed originally for hunting boar, deer and bear.

Beautiful Kind Great Dane needs happy home
Published 1 week ago

Beautiful Kind Great Dane needs happy home

Kildare Great Dane Age: 1 year 1 Female
Our wonderful Great Dane Winona (Winnie) is a beautiful, intelligent, kind, gentle dog and it is with sadness we have to try and find a new home for her. It's nothing to do with her. She's the calmest, sweetest dog you could find but family circumstances have changed and there is now not enough people around to give her the attention she needs. She is perfectly fine being left by herself for some time during the day, is not destructive in any way, but it isn't fair on her and I would like to find her a home where she will get the time and attention she deserves. Winnie is great with kids and other animals including cats (sleeps on her cushion with our cat every night!). She is very quiet, hardly ever barks, happily pads off to bed at 9pm at night and don't hear a peep out of her all night long. She loves walks, is good on the leash, loves getting to stretch her legs with a good run - we bring her to the curragh and she loves having a good run around there. Two walks a day is plenty for her. She also loves to play, tug of war is her favourite but also enjoys fetch. She is fine in cars, sits down calmly. She also loves to sleep! And be cuddled. She will lie up beside you on the couch and just sleep with her head on your lap for hours if let. Despite her size she doesn't eat enormously, 2 full bowls of dry dog food a day and treats is more than enough. I wish we didnt have to give her up but unfortunately she is not getting the attention she needs and I have to think of her. She is a big dog so she would be best suited to a large home with space for her to run around (my home isn't like that, though we do have a large green outside for her to run on, which makes up for the lack of large garden. But I know a larger home would suit her best) She is not spayed yet, though I am considering getting that done in the next short while as I dont feel I could keep an eye on her properly if she goes into heat and I dont want her to have a litter. I would only let her go to a family where I know she would get lots of attention and have lots of space, so ideally to a family who have had large breed dogs before and now what they need. If you think you might be Winnie's forever friend please drop me a line.


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