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Apollo the Dalmatian
Published 21 hours ago

Apollo the Dalmatian

Louth Dalmatian Age: 3 years
Apollo is a stunning looking Dalmatian with a wonderful temperament. He is terrific around Children, very gentle and loves to play and be loved. Hes well socialised with other dogs and is a great family pet. Apollo is pure bred non registered. Happy to share more pictures if required.
Freddy the Golden Retriever
Published 2 weeks ago

Freddy the Golden Retriever

Freddy is our loveable family pet. He is a super friendly, affectionate and an intelligent dog. He loves playing and going on adventurous walks. He is extremely friendly with everyone he meets, especially kids and is always aware of his surroundings. He loves rubs and hugs on the couch in the evening time as he winds down. Freddy has an excellent house manner and never chews anything he isn’t supposed to, and never has. He loves his toys and playing with them with whoever wants to play with him. His day time routine consists of a long walk, naps , lots of hugs and playing with his toys! Freddy is a 2 & a half year old IKC registered Golden Retriever with all his vet checks up to date and is now ready for stud!


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