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Golden Cocker Spaniel IKC registered.
Published 5 days ago

Golden Cocker Spaniel IKC registered.

Louth Cocker Spaniel Age: 2 years
This is Tucker , Golden Cocker Spaniel who we would love to find a mate close by. He is a very well mannered dog ,quiet and shy at first but will become very affectionate towards Humans and other dogs alike. Very smart and loveable pet with great looks and character. Fully IKC registered and bought from a registered IKC breeder in wicklow. Have him since 10 weeks old..Great companion all round.
Apollo the Dalmatian
Published 1 week ago

Apollo the Dalmatian

Louth Dalmatian Age: 3 years
Apollo is a stunning looking Dalmatian with a wonderful temperament. He is terrific around Children, very gentle and loves to play and be loved. Hes well socialised with other dogs and is a great family pet. Apollo is pure bred non registered. Happy to share more pictures if required.


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