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Newfoundland dogs are a large, strong breed of dog originating from the island of Newfoundland. They are known for their loyalty, strength, and gentle nature, and are often used as working dogs in various roles such as search and rescue, water rescue, and as therapy dogs. They are also popular family pets, and their size and strength make them good guardians. Newfoundlands are intelligent dogs and are relatively easy to train, although their size can make them challenging to handle for some people.

Proven IKC Newfoundland stud dog
Published 1 week ago

Proven IKC Newfoundland stud dog

Murphy IKC Newfoundland stud dog IKC registered •1st litter of 12 puppies mixture of brown , landseer and black puppies 3 strong litters of healthy pups on the ground and another one due soon .. *some of what Murphy has won in the last 3 years * 1st puppy class Kilkenny foxhounds show 2021Overall Champion Kilkenny foxhounds show 20211st Large dog Quakerstown Easter festivalOverall Champion Quakerstown Easter festival1st Large dog Clonmel show1st Giant dog iverk show1st working dog iverk showChampion of the show iverk show1st large dog Charleville 2024Champion Charleville show 2024 for stud to registered and unregistered bitches . Top class dog well minded and a fantastic example of the breed has to be seen to be appreciated … if interested please call or text … pedigree bitches please forward bitches papers for verification.. all health tested


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