Rolo, IKC black and tan miniature Dachshund

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Breed: Dachshund
Colour: Black / Tan
Temperament: Attentive
Location: Dublin, Dublin
Current Age: 2 years
Date of Birth: 27 April 2022
Is Wormed: Yes 🪱
Is Vaccinated: Yes 💉
Is IKC registered: No


Meet Rolo, our extremely handsome and energetic IKC registered short haired Dachshund. Both Rolo's father and grandfather are IKC award winning show dogs and you can tell from his structure, coat and temperament that he comes from champion bloodlines. Not to mention his ginormous adorable ears and muscular posterior.

Rolo responds to his surroundings, and matches the energy in the room. He is as happy to lie side by side on the couch and watch Nat Geo., as he is to fly around and do the laps of the garden, chasing his ball, birds etc.

Rolo is famous around our area, everyone knows and loves him and his active, friendly temperament. He loves the attention and loves making new friends - be it human or otherwise. Rolo is passionate about any form of heat and is currently enjoying the sunny spells we have been having.

Photos are a mix of when we first got him until now.

Rolo has had all of his shots and vaccinations and is looked after by our local Vet.

Rolo is IKC certified.

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