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Belgian Malinois for Stud (not for sale)
Published 3 weeks ago

Belgian Malinois for Stud (not for sale)

Stunning Belgian Malinois for Stud (not for sale). He’s over 2 years old Black and Tan fawn colour. Our perfect family pet and is quite cautious and can be anxious in meeting new people. He loves meeting dogs that don't be very aggressive to him. His temperament is good. He's anxious at times but Other than that he's absolutely adorable and friendly when people get to know him. I always put a muzzle on when meeting people and dogs until they’re comfortable. He's very active and would love to get active lol. Maybe if it’s right for us we would possibly consider a pick off the litter. WHEN YOU WANT TO CONTACT ME AND DONT GET ME PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE AND I WILL GET BACK TO YOU THANK YOU. PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOU HAVE SEEN MY AD FROM DOGS IE Interested confirm me by text +447713898634 or email thanks


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