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There are many types of terrier dogs, including the Australian terrier, the Boston terrier, the Bull terrier, the Cairn terrier, the Dandie Dinmont terrier, the Fox terrier, the Irish terrier, the Jack Russell terrier (pictured), the Kerry blue terrier, the Lakeland terrier, the Manchester terrier, the Miniature bull terrier, the Miniature schnauzer, the Norfolk terrier, the Norwich terrier.

Wire Haired Fox Terrier
Published 3 weeks ago

Wire Haired Fox Terrier

Dublin Terrier Age: 5 years
Top Class IKC wire haired Fox terrier Available for Stud “LARELKIE MISTER BASIL BRUSH” Basil is a perfect example of his breed he has Lots of presence Colour and type he is very well made.with his Distinctive Look he always gets deserved attention .He comes from a top class Bloodline with many Successful Champions in his family Basil always passes on his good Qualities to his offspring which not only include his good looks but the loving, brave, energetic Temperament he has with a lot of character a true type hard to find. Basil the Wire Haired Terrier needs to be seen to be appreciated.


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