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The Samoyed is a strikingly beautiful and highly intelligent breed of dog, originally bred in Siberia to serve as working dogs for herding, hunting, and pulling sleds. Known for their distinctive, fluffy white coat, these strong and energetic dogs typically weigh in at around 23-30 kg for females and 27-34 kg for males. They exhibit an enchanting smile, which not only adds to their appeal but also prevents ice from sticking to their whiskers during colder months. As pack animals, they thrive on human companionship and are especially good with children, often adopting a gentle and protective demeanour around them. Samoyeds, however, do require consistent and patient training due to their independent and stubborn nature. With proper training and socialisation, Samoyeds can develop into well-behaved and affectionate companions that are suitable for families, individuals, or anyone seeking an energetic and resilient friend by their side.

Purebred Samoyed Milo for stud
Published 1 week ago

Purebred Samoyed Milo for stud

Leitrim Samoyed Age: 2 years
Purebred Samoyed ‘ Milo ’ for stud. Milo is a great example of the breed. 2.5 years old. Fully vaccinated and up to date on all including worming etc. Friendly, Loyal and Well- tempered dog, trained by Keith Matthews Dog Guru. Always wearing his ‘ sammy smile ’ as he is a confident and outgoing dog. County Leitrim - Can Travel, however an additional fee may be charged. WhatsApp for more details.


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