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Doodle dogs are a cross between two different breeds of dogs, one being a Poodle. They are usually bred to be a smaller size than either of the parent breeds. Doodle dogs are often used as therapy dogs because of their gentle nature and loving personality. They are also known for being very intelligent and easier to train. Doodle dogs make great family pets and are good with children. Types of doodles include Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, Sheepadoodle, Bernedoodle, as well as Cavapoos & Puggles.

Teddy Cavapoochon Stud
Published 1 day ago

Teddy Cavapoochon Stud

Monaghan Cavapoo, Doodles Age: 3 years
Teddy is an exceptionally healthy, active, affectionate and intelligent triple crossbreed, three year old Cavapoochon boy with a lovely temperament. His mum (Lily) a Cavachon (King Charles Cavalier & Bischon Freise mix) the most adorable dog imaginable. Teddy is a cherished family member. He loves walks and cuddling up on the sofa. Teddy’s Dad is a purebred Poodle.
Ted F1 Golden Doodle
Published 2 days ago

Ted F1 Golden Doodle

Ted is our family pet. He is a quite large non-shedding stunning golden doodle. He is very playful and affectionate. He is 3 years old. He loves his walks and to chill on the couch. Ted is very smart, healthy and fit. His mother was an IKC registered Golden Retriever and his father was an IKC Standard Poodle. We are flexible in arranging to meet with other females.
Mylo 1st generation (F1) Goldendoodle
Published 3 days ago

Mylo 1st generation (F1) Goldendoodle

Mylo is our family pet. He is spoiled rotten and loves his long walks. As he is 3 years old he is still quite playful yet loves to chill out in the evenings. Very smart and inquisitive and extremely friendly.He is healthy and very fit. He has a great temperament and was easily trained. His mother was a IKC registered Golden Retriever and his father was a IKC registered Standard Poodle. We are flexible in arranging to meet with female.We would love to breed him with an Irish wolf hound or Bernese Mountain dog. Will take pick of the litter in instead of payment.


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