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The Belgian Shepherd Dog is a breed of dog that is known for being intelligent, alert, and protective. Sometimes referred to as a Belgian Malinois. They are often used as working dogs in a variety of roles, such as police dogs, service dogs, and search and rescue dogs. They are also popular as family pets. Belgian Shepherds are medium to large dogs with a strong, muscular build. They have a long head and muzzle, and their ears are erect and pointed.

Alfie the Belgian Shepherd / Malinois
Published 12 hours ago

Alfie the Belgian Shepherd / Malinois

Alfie is our friendly well tempered family pet who is full of energy Alfie is a purebred Belgian Malinois/Shepard. Approximately weighing 30kg. We are based in Tournafulla, Co.Limerick Feel free to contact for any further info 0873655201
Proven IKC registered Belgian Malinois for stud
Published 3 weeks ago

Proven IKC registered Belgian Malinois for stud

Gunner is a much loved family pet. He is a lovely example of the breed and has wonderful trait. His intelligent, alert, and protective. His grandfather is Jagges, champion dog. Gunner is IKC registered. His temperament is perfect. He shares his home with a 10 year old Chihuahua(shes the boss). He is socialised with all breeds of dogs ever second day, he attends a doggie school to help burn off that energy on the treadmills. His an indoor dog and is around all ages of kids daily. Gunners bloodline can be tracked back to his great grand parents. His grandfather is Jaggs champion dog He is proven with two littlers both having 11 Healthy pups each. Pics of first littler attached. Both studs ware successfully on the first attempt. Thanks for viewing my advert. Any queries dont’t hesitate to call/text. For more information please contact Joe on 0870694748


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