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The Welsh Corgi Cardigan is a small, long-bodied herding dog with short legs. They are one of two distinct breeds of Welsh corgi, the other being the Welsh Corgi Pembroke. Cardigans are the older of the two corgi breeds, with Pembrokes being developed from them. Cardigans are also the larger of the two breeds, with males averaging 30 pounds and females averaging 25 pounds. They are intelligent, active, and loyal.

Corgi X Toy Poodle puppies, 4 months old
Published 3 weeks ago

Corgi X Toy Poodle puppies, 4 months old

Limerick Welsh Corgi Cardigan, Poodle Age: 4 months 2 Males
These 2 Corgi X puppies were born on the 25th of December. They have their first 2 vaccinations got and they don’t need their next vaccination until 19/02/2025. These are very friendly puppies. Mother is a purebred Corgi and the dad is a Toy Poodle. These puppies are well socialised and well used to going outside to go to the toilet. Please contact Emmett at Rossbane kennels for more information and we can provide a 2 week training program, which involves toilet training, crate training and lease training.


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