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A mixed breed dog is a dog that has two different purebred parents. This could be many different types of breeds. Generally the dogs would be bred to have the best traits from each type of breed they are bred from.

Mixed Terrier puppies for sale
Published 1 week ago

Mixed Terrier puppies for sale

Cavan Mixed Breed, Terrier Age: 2 months 2 Males, 1 Female
We have four delightful Black and Tan Terrier mixed breed puppies available for sale in Virginia. These good-natured puppies are just over two months old, with two males and two females to choose from. Each puppy is priced at €300. Both parents are known for their friendly and energetic nature. Terriers are typically very intelligent and lively, making them great companions for active families. Mixed breeds often benefit from the best traits of both parent breeds, leading to robust health and unique personalities. All puppies have been vaccinated and wormed, ensuring they are ready for their new homes. For more information, please contact Liam O'Connell at 0863367606.


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