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Lurchers are a type of sighthound that was originally bred in Ireland. The name "lurcher" is thought to come from the Irish word for thief, as these dogs were often used to steal livestock. Lurchers are tall and slender, with long legs and a long, narrow head. They are known for their speed and agility, and are often used in racing. Lurchers can be any colour, but are most often black, grey, or brindle.

Greengrass Lurcher puppies
Published 21 hours ago

Greengrass Lurcher puppies

Tipperary Lurcher Age: 10 weeks 1 Male, 3 Females
Greengrass Lurcher puppies. Amazingly unique, intelligent and good natured dogs that will grow up to be wonderful, friendly, gentle and affectionate pets. A dog for all seasons and all homes. From the kennels that brought you the gorgeous Greengrass Lurcher, Cloud, Petmania Puppy of the Year 2020/21🏆 they too will be stunning looking dogs, shaggy and long haired and ethereal. Looking like miniature Wolfhounds and Deerhounds, they are great with children and not too bad with adults either! For an insight into these amazing dogs follow us on Instagram @greengrasslurchers For more information re availability and to touch base, please give me a call on 0862097820 No texts please.


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