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The Kerry Beagle, an ancient hound breed and is one of the Irish native breeds of dogs. It's a remarkable and somewhat rare example of the traditional hunting dogs. Despite its name, the Kerry Beagle isn't a small dog like the familiar Beagle; instead, it is a medium-sized hound, known for its robust and muscular build. Renowned for its keen sense of smell and exceptional stamina, this breed has historically been used for hunting stag and other game, but in modern times it has also become a cherished companion. The Kerry Beagle's coat, typically black and tan, is sleek and easy to care for, and its gentle yet spirited nature makes it a wonderful addition to active families. This breed's deep-rooted heritage and unique characteristics make it a fascinating and lovable pet for those lucky enough to own one. The Kerry Beagle breed was first recognised by the IKC in 1991.

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