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The Great Pyrenees dog, known for its majestic appearance and gentle demeanour, is a breed that commands respect and admiration. Also known as Pyrenean Mountain Dogs originate from the Pyrenees Mountains that border France and Spain, hence the name. This breed typically stands at a shoulder height of about 65 to 80 centimetres and weighs between 45 to 50 kilograms for females, and 50 to 54 kilograms for males. Characterised by their thick, weather-resistant white coat, the Great Pyrenees dogs are not only striking in appearance but are also well-regarded for their protective instincts and loyalty to their family. Despite their large size, they exhibit a calm and patient nature, making them excellent companions, particularly in homes with ample space to accommodate their size.

Female Great Pyrenees X Samoyed puppy looking for a new home
Published 2 weeks ago

Female Great Pyrenees X Samoyed puppy looking for a new home

Wexford Great Pyrenees, Samoyed Age: 6 months 1 Female
We are delighted to introduce Ruby, a spirited and vivacious Pyrenees X Samoyed puppy, currently residing in Gorey. At just 5 months old, Ruby's active temperament shines through in her eagerness to play and interact, not just with humans but with other dogs as well. She thrives on exercise and mental stimulation, making her the perfect companion for someone who leads an active lifestyle. Ruby is a loving and affectionate girl, ready to become a loyal member of her new family. She has been wormed & flea protected - due her second round of vaccinations and is in excellent health, awaiting her forever home.


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