Puppy Pack with food, toys, a bowl & treats

Puppy starter pack

Have many of the starting essentials for your new puppy delivered right to your door for €50. We've picked some of the most popular items that every new dog owner needs, some from leading Irish brands. This pack includes: Nodens Grain Free Puppy Food, a food & water bowl, chew & play toys, doggie shampoo 🛁 and some Irish made tasty doggie treats! Save upto 20% on list pricing.

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A bit about the Puppy Starter Pack

Dec's Pets / Nodens Puppy

Dog Food 🐶

Nodens Super Premium Puppy food

A healthy diet is key to a happy puppy. Each pack contains a 2kg bag of Nodens Super Premium Puppy food. Nodens is grain free, has a high meat precentage and is enjoy by puppies up and down the country.

Dec's Pets / Eco Dog

Eco Dog Bowl 🥣

Bamboo fibre dog bowl

Bamboo is a eco-marvel and this bowl is now different. Did you know that Bamboo is the fastest grown plant on earth? This bowl comes with two handy compartments, one for fresh water and one for food.

Dec's Pets / Frozzys

Irish Pet Treats 🐾

Frozzys Pet Treats

Founded in 2013 in Belfast, Noel and Michael created Frozzys with an aim to make unique, fun and nutritious dog treats. Their Frozzys Superbites are tasty dog treats with added probiotics to support healthy canine digestion.

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Poppy our tester
Poppy our tester.

What else is in the puppy starter pack?

The pack also comes with puppy shampoo (PH balanced & Paraben Free), and 3 toys (pull toy, a chew toy and a surprise toy that your puppy will love, hint 🍕).

Why dog shampoo?

Dog shampoos are specially formulated to suit the pH levels of a dog's skin, which is more neutral (around 7.5) than a human's skin, which is more acidic (around 5.5). Human shampoos can damage a dog's skin over time as they may be too acidic. Dog shampoos also contain ingredients designed to handle any parasites, dirt, and allergens dogs may pick up, and to cater to dogs' specific coat and skin conditions, whether they have dry, oily, or sensitive skin. Dogs' shampoos are also often made to be tear-free, as dogs are more likely to get the shampoo in their eyes.

Why pull & chew toys?

  • Physical Exercise: Pull toys are great for playtime and exercise as they can engage dogs in active play with their owners, or with other dogs. They help to satisfy a dog's natural instinct to pull and tug and can give a great workout, strengthening your dog's muscles.
  • Teething Relief: For puppies, chew toys can provide much needed relief from the discomfort of teething. Chew toys also help to direct the energy away from destoying other household items.
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