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The #1 website for all things dogs in Ireland. We are here to help find great new homes for your dogs, or to find matches for your stud dog. Our pricing is designed to be simple and straight forward.

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Leverage a platform like that's specifically designed for dog enthusiasts. Advertise in line with the legal requirements for selling dogs in Ireland and Northern Ireland. has been built around three pillars Trust, Safety, & Transparency. We aim to deliver the best experience for buying and selling dogs online.

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  • Simple interface for creating ads
  • Our fast & friendly support
  • The 600,000 visitors each month from over 200,000+ members,
  • 4.2 average rating with over 1,500 verified reviews.

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  • Advertise a litter or dog for sale
  • Ads published for up to 30 days
  • Email alerts to a queue of interested buyers
  • Upload up to 10 HD images
  • Bump ad for an additional €12
  • Syndicates ads to,, &
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  • Advertise dogs' stud services
  • Choose pick of a litter and / or a stud fee
  • Upload up to 10 HD images
  • Each month your ad is bumped automatically
  • Yearly pricing from €99.99
  • Syndicates ads to, &
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  • Advertise your vet practice
  • Reach thousands of new dog owners each month
  • Include business description & opening hours
  • List the unique services you provide
  • Easy link to Google Maps for directions
  • Upload up to 10 HD images
  • Yearly pricing from €249.99
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  • ‡ - The latest for stud dogs also appear on, dogs that are IKC registered dogs appear on, native Irish breeds appear on
  • Discounts - The prices stated are the same for all breeders on
  • VAT - Prices are VAT inclusive. If you are a business and have a VAT ID, you can enter the details in the checkout.
  • Buyers - it is free of charge to use our site, to sign up for new dog email alerts or to contact advertisers.


Thanks for checking out our pricing page, we hope your experience will match your expectations and that we will be "the safest place for dogs". We do encourage you to learn more about and our terms & conditions. If you are considering buying a pet we recommend you read about how much it costs to own a dog.

Updated - 25.04.2024