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What's new with new site & new features

Your dog search has never been easier on! After months of diligent work, we've crafted a user-friendly website, keeping in mind that over 80% of our visitors are mobile users. Our design guarantees an effortless dog search and the simplified steps to sell your adorable pup. website screenshot

Features added in 2023

  • WhatsApp support - Contact buyers via WhatsApp instantly - [info]
  • Ad Alerts 🛎️ - Be notified when a new dog that matches your preferences (breed / age / sex) is published - [info]
  • Fixed / Negotiable prices 💶 - dogs for sale ads prices can now be tagged as being negotiable - [info]
  • Vet ads 🩺 - vetinary practices can now advertise their businesses.
  • Private Messages 📧 - Many incremental changes to how this messages between members works, more to come soon.
  • Yearly ads 📆 - It is now possible to pay for vet ads and stud dog ads yearly.
  • Writing assistant 🤖✏️ - Get help writing a compelling ads with out AI assistant - [info]
  • Network sites 🌍 - Relaunch of,, and This helps drive traffic to ads while also being an easy way to browse new ads.
  • Search Messages 🔎 - Find messages easily with the search function [info]

Other new features

  • Favourites ❤️ - Now it's easier to keep a list of dogs that you are interested in. Click on the ❤️ icon on each ad to ads to your favourites list - [info]
  • Dog Insurance 🩺 - informational page about dog insurance.
  • Breed Information 🐕 - better handing of pedigree / purebred / mixed breeds dogs.
  • Search 🔎 - search ads by dog age, by size, by county, by breed, by price or IKC Registered Dogs.
  • Image Gallery 🖼️- now you can : upload more images to your ad, rearrange images, optimised thumbnails and crop images, directly through the site. Uploaded images are now optimised automatically for mobile and desktop devices.
  • Watermark Protection 📸 - Images are now protected by a watermark to discourage people copying your images.
  • Verified by VeriPet - VeriPet image ads with the green tick have gone through the 2-factor VeriPet verification. Filter ads based on being verified by VeriPet - [info].
  • Homepage search 🔦 - now you can search for the perfect dog right from the homepage.
  • Popular breeds 🐩 🐕‍🦺- View what breeds are most popular in the last 30 days.
  • Stud ads 🐕 - Subscription service to offer your dog at stud. Cancel or pause your ad at any time based on your (or your dog's) availability. [info]

Coming in 2023 to

The new webiste enables adding new features in quicker and we have some big plans! Have a great idea for a feature ? Do let us know and we'll try to put it on the roadmap 🗺️. Here's whats planned in the next few months.

  • Search by breeds - Search visually through the list of dogs by different breeds
  • Video support - Add videos to your ads
  • And more - We are just getting started ! Woof !

Updated 23.06.2023