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What's new with — new site & new features

Your dog search for finding a dog in Ireland has never been easier with! Over the past 15 years we have continued to update the website to ensure that it's both feature full and easy to use. Over 85% of our visitors view the site on their mobile phones, and we've created our website with that in mind. Our design aims to help in an effortless dog search at every step of the way. We hope that the website is as easy to navigate as we have intended. website screenshot Homepage website screenshot Breed listing page

Coming in 2024 to

The new website also enables us to add new features quickly and we have some big plans! If you have a great idea for a feature, please do let us know and we'll try to put it on the roadmap 🗺️. Here's whats planned in the next few months.

  • Search by breeds - Search visually through the list of dogs by different breeds
  • Video support - Add videos to your ads
  • Security updates - More functionality to keep buyers and sellers safer
  • And more - We are just getting started ! Woof !

New features recently added

  • Terms & Conditions - Clearer messaging for sellers in the Republic and Northern Ireland.
  • WhatsApp support - Contact buyers via WhatsApp instantly - [info]
  • Ad Alerts 🛎️ - Be notified when a new dog that matches your preferences (breed / age / sex) is published - [info]
  • Fixed / Negotiable prices 💶 - dogs for sale ads prices can now be tagged as being negotiable - [info]
  • Vet ads 🩺 - vetinary practices can now advertise their businesses.
  • Private Messages 📧 - Many incremental changes to how this messages between members works, more to come soon.
  • Yearly ads 📆 - It is now possible to pay for vet ads and stud dog ads on a yearly basis.
  • Writing assistant 🤖✏️ - Get help writing a compelling ads with out AI assistant - [info]
  • Network sites 🌍 - Relaunch of,, and This helps drive traffic to ads while also being an easy way to browse new ads.
  • Search Messages 🔎 - Find messages easily with the search function [info]

Other new features

  • Favourites ❤️ - Now it's easier to keep a list of dogs that you are interested in. Click on the ❤️ icon on each ad to ads to your favourites list - [info]
  • Dog Insurance 🩺 - informational page about dog insurance.
  • Breed Information 🐕 - better handing of pedigree / purebred / mixed breeds dogs.
  • Search 🔎 - search ads by dog age, by size, by county, by breed, by price or IKC Registered Dogs.
  • Image Gallery 🖼️- now you can : upload more images to your ad, rearrange images, optimised thumbnails and crop images, directly through the site. Uploaded images are now optimised automatically for mobile and desktop devices.
  • Watermark Protection 📸 - Images are now protected by a watermark to discourage people copying your images.
  • Verified by VeriPet - VeriPet image ads with the green tick have gone through the 2-factor VeriPet verification. Filter ads based on being verified by VeriPet - [info].
  • Homepage search 🔦 - now you can search for the perfect dog right from the homepage.
  • Popular breeds 🐩 🐕‍🦺- View what breeds are most popular in the last 30 days.
  • Stud ads 🐕 - Subscription service to offer your dog at stud. Cancel or pause your ad at any time based on your (or your dog's) availability. [info] aims to be the safest and most trusted place to buy and sell dogs in Ireland. We continue to strive for excellence in service and support.

Updated - 10.01.2024