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Join over 200 dogs for stud on Creating a dog for stud ad on couldn't be easier. Here we will bring you through the five main steps to help you advertise your dog for stud and help find them some mating oppertunities.

  • 1. Create an advertiser account

    Sign up as an advertier, it's free.

    If you visit you will be able to create an advertiser account. You will be asked to subsequently verify your email address and phone number. Verification Steps:

    • 🪪 If you have a breeder ID, Registered Seller of Pets or a Dog Breeding Establishment, please share a copy of your ID with
    • 📧 ✅ To verify your email address we will send you a one-time email to the address you signed up with, it contains a link you will need to click on to confirm your email address with us.
    • 📲 ✅ To verify your phone number we will send you a one-time SMS to the phone number you signed up with, it contains a code you will need to put into your profile when prompted.
    Note: if you already have an account you can click on Advertise at the top of the page.
  • 2. Place your ad

    For €14.99 / month or €150 / year you will be able to advertise your dogs services for stud. Enter in the following:

    • 🖼️ Upload 1-10 images of your dog, any litters its sired, pedigree papers or awards
    • 🐩 Select your dog's breed & temperament.
    • 📅 Enter the date of birth, price and pick of the litter.
    • ✍️ Write an ad description, and any specific terms you have.
    • 📧📲 Select how you want people to contact you, either by our messaging system or phone.
    • ✅ Accept the terms and conditions.
    • 💳 Fill in your credit card details.
  • 3. Await your ad being reviewed your ad

    👫 Our team will check your ad and reach out to you by email if there are any questions or information missing in your ad. Ad review times can be up-to 24 hours, but generally it's a lot faster.

  • 4. Get notified when your ad goes live

    📧 We'll send you an email when your ad is approved and is on the homepage. Your ad will be live for 30 days.

  • 5. Manage your ad

    As potential mates contact you, you can update your ad, for example you can update images or change the sale price at any time. Each month your ad is active it will be automatically bumped to the top of the listings ⬆️. You can manage your ad by visiting the ad page and clicking on the edit button. If you no longer want to offer your dogs serivces you can cancel your subscription.

Stud Ad - FAQ

The prices (inclusive of VAT) are as follows
  • Dog for stud ad : €14.99 / month or €150 / year.
Each month you are subscribed your ad will be bumped automatically back to the top of the listings.

Once your ad is published it's not popssible to refund ads.

I'm sorry, we no longer are able to accept these types of payments. This is due to a higher level of fraud through these methods, so we had to turn it off for everyone. More information about payments can be found here.

A lot of stud dog owners ask for a pick from the litter or a small monetary fee. Prices depend on your dog's pedigree. You are free to update the price at any time.

While a dog may be physically mature and able to sire a litter under 12 months, it's best to wait to see if there are any health issues with your dog. We recommend health checks, screening for known hereditary issues with your breed, before proceeding with breeding your dog.

Getting an offer will depend on some factors like, cost , quality of your dog, breed popularity, etc. there isn’t a guarantee you will get any offers, but many of the current advertisers do get interest each month.

The descision to breed your dog shouldn't be one that's taken likely. You should discuss your plans with your vet and we recommend that you visit your local library or buy a book or two on the topic, like: You may also be able to get breed specific books.