Poodle dogs wanted

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Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View
Stud Toy Poodle : Looking for a toy poodle for stud duties in January prefer r... [more] Poodle Still looking
Family pet-Golden/labradoodle miniture poodle cross : We are looking for a medium sized family pet of the mentione... [more] Poodle Still looking
Poodle : ... [more] Poodle Still looking
Want to buy Poodle : Looking for either a miniature or standard poodle male white... [more] Poodle Still looking
Poodle wanted as family pet : Toy or miniature poodle wanted. This dog will be our family ... [more] Poodle Dog found !
family pet : looking for a toy female black poodle a companion to an eld... [more] Poodle Still looking
Family Pet : Previously owned a white miniature poodle. Was one of the fa... [more] Poodle Still looking
Standard poodle : I am looking for a male standard poodle pup for my son who h... [more] Poodle Still looking
Puppy wanted : Looking for an apricot poodle type for a loving family home.... [more] Poodle Still looking
Toy poodle : Hi. We are family of four and we are looking for toy poodle ... [more] Poodle Still looking
Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View