Maltese dogs wanted

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Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View
Looking for a small puppy to be delivered to a house in Dublin : I am looking for a puppy that can be delivered to a house in... [more] Maltese Still looking
Maltichon pup : Hi Looking for a maltichon puppy. Didn't want to buy off ... [more] Maltese Dog found !
Maltipoo : Looking for a good natured , house pet. Preferably quiet, no... [more] Maltese Still looking
Maltipoo dogs or pups wanted : Looking for a Maltipoo pup to join our family after the rece... [more] Maltese Still looking
Maltese pup required for kind home : We have had a maltese for 10 years and now has passed away. ... [more] Maltese Still looking
Morkie pups : Hi all, im looking for a brown/tan coloured morkie puppy as ... [more] Maltese Still looking
Looking for a Maltese Puppy as a Family Pet! : I'm looking for a new companion and a small brother to my mi... [more] Maltese Dog found !
Maltese bitch for Breeding : Would like to breed our Maltese male, Rocky, based in Ardfer... [more] Maltese Still looking
maltese tea cup puppy : hi there , I'm looking for a tea cup size miniature maltese ... [more] Maltese Still looking
Small Dog : We are looking for a Maltese / Lhasa Apso cross, preferably ... [more] Maltese Still looking
Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View