Boxer dogs wanted

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Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View
Wanted - Female Boxer : Wanted - Boxer Pup - Female Any Area for collection or... [more] Boxer Still looking
Boxer pup wanted : Hi I'm looking for a boxer pup red with white socks preferab... [more] Boxer Still looking
Boxer : I am Looking for a light brown boxer pup with white socks &a... [more] Boxer Still looking
family pet : hi I am looking for a boxer for my 18 year old son for Chris... [more] Boxer Still looking
Companion pet : I'm looking for a female boxer with a good temperment to mix... [more] Boxer Dog found !
Boxer Pup : Looking for a boxer pup. I have previous boxer dog experienc... [more] Boxer Still looking
boxer female : Looking for boxer female for stud have 12 month old boxer do... [more] Boxer Still looking
Male Boxer Pup : Hi, I am looking for a male boxer puppy to give him his fore... [more] Boxer Still looking
wanted a small breed boxer for stud in kerry area : i have a boxer that is the small breed in height and i want ... [more] Boxer Still looking
Boxer puppies wanted : 2 Boxer puppies wanted for experienced Boxer owner with larg... [more] Boxer Still looking
Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View