7 dogs wanted

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Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View
Cavalier King Charles or Cavachon : I am looking for a Cavalier King Charles or a Cavachon prefe... [more] Cavalier King Charles Still looking
Cavalier King Charles/CavachonCavalier King Charles dog pet : My last Cavalier King Charles died last November. I will ne... [more] Cavalier King Charles Dog found !
Cavapoo Puppie Wanted : Looking for Cavapoo puppy for my 10 year son. Required for a... [more] Cavalier King Charles Dog found !
small dog/friendly : pet required for elderlly lady living in Rooskey,county ros... [more] Any breed Still looking
Wanted, female (wirehaired) dachshund puppy : We are looking for a female puppy as companion for our dachs... [more] Dachshund Still looking
Family pet : Looking for british bulldog puppy for loving home. We're in ... [more] Bulldog Still looking
Wanted female : Hello, I have very playful cocker spaniel.Beautiful red colo... [more] Cocker Spaniel Still looking
Looking for a family pet. Miniture jack russell : Looking for a miniture jack russell pup. I live in the city ... [more] Jack Russell Still looking
Family pet : Im looking for a british bulldog puppy but not at extortiona... [more] Bulldog Still looking
Stud dog : Looking for a Retriever, Collie, StBernard or long haired la... [more] Golden Retriever Still looking
Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View