4 dogs wanted

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Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View
German Shepherd Pup : 3 month old German shepherd pup. Beautiful dog. Have dog bed... [more] German Shepherd Dog found !
Cavatzu family pet : We are looking for a family pet as our Darling Millie recen... [more] Maltese Dog found !
Female collie : I have looking for a gentle affectionate collie who loves pe... [more] Collie Still looking
Family pet shih tzu : We recently lost our beloved pet Charlie on Christmas eve, ... [more] Shih Tzu Still looking
Family Pet : We recently lost our beloved family pet. A pedigree Westie w... [more] West Highland Still looking
Chichuachua male studd : Looking for a stud for my chichuachua x Please note she is ... [more] Chihuahua Still looking
Wanted-apricot/red/gold toy poodle stud : Have a sweet toy poodle who I would love to breed just so as... [more] Poodle Still looking
Staffy Pub wanted : My staffy passed away this year due to old age and I am loo... [more] Staffordshire Bull Terrier Still looking
German shepard : Beautiful black and tan longhaired male German shepard looki... [more] German Shepherd Still looking
Young family who’s pet has passed away this week seeks Bernese or Bernese X/Bernese Female Older Pup/Adult Dog : FAMILY WITH 3 YOUNG CHILDREN SEEKS BIG GENTLE GIANT TO LOVE:... [more] Bernese Mountain Still looking
Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View