29 dogs wanted

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Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View
Miniature Schnauzer : We are experienced miniature schnauzer owners and are lookin... [more] Poodle Still looking
Wanted Morky Puppy : Looking for a Morky puppy ideally Black and Tan colour. Want... [more] Other Still looking
Pomeranian : Looking for a small white pomeranian pup female affectionate... [more] Pomeranian Still looking
Family pet : Looking for a Irish Setter puppy for our active 5year old gi... [more] Setter Still looking
we want a beagle : we are looking for a beagle no older than a year. In our hou... [more] Beagle Still looking
Shih Tzu puppy for lovable family home : looking for shih tzu puppy for loving family home will be ... [more] Shih Tzu Still looking
Small friendly family dog : Looking for a Maltese type pup which is good natured and sui... [more] Maltese Still looking
I’m looking for a family pet : I’m looking for beagle pup for my son and myself we are ve... [more] Beagle Still looking
Home wanted : Home wanted for snuggles, longhaired black and tan jack russ... [more] Jack Russell Still looking
A new family member : Looking for a pet dog to join our family of 4 (parents &... [more] Cocker Spaniel Still looking
Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View