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Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View
Purebred Samoyed : Looking for an IKC registered Samoyed pup to breed. Will pay... [more] Samoyed Dog found !
Pembroke welsh Corgi : Looking for a PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI, couldnt tag it because ... [more] Other Mongrel Dog found !
wanted : Dog wanted for a good family with two young kids.We have ple... [more] Scottish Terrier Dog found !
male dog : hi im looking for a male japanese spitzs .not a pup as i hav... [more] Spitz Dog found !
French Bulldog wanted : Have loving home to give with 3 other social dogs youngest... [more] Bulldog Dog found !
Wire terrier : We had a wire terrier for 14 years sadly he passed last year... [more] Any breed Dog found !
toy poodle pup : I am looking for an apricot/champagne colour toy poodle pupp... [more] Poodle Dog found !
Cairn Terrier Male Puppy : Experienced dog owners,with cairn terrier in the Past.Last y... [more] Any breed Dog found !
Cross jack russell king charles wanted : Black and white, partly brown is also ok. Male. Cross jack... [more] Any breed Dog found !
Looking for golden retriever and cocker spaniel cross puppy : Hi, I am looking for a retriever, spaniel cross puppy. I had... [more] Golden Retriever Dog found !
Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View