14 dogs wanted

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Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View
Looking for a puppy : ... [more] Bichon Frise Still looking
So much love to give for a Samoyed puppy : Hello I'm looking for a Samoyed puppy max 2 months or is sti... [more] Samoyed Still looking
Samoyed Wanted : Small family looking for a Samoyed dog. We've a large lawne... [more] Samoyed Still looking
Family Home : Family looking for a new baby boxer. We as family have recen... [more] Boxer Still looking
Male chocolate labrador puppy : Looking for a male chocolate lab pup, must be ikc registered... [more] Labrador Still looking
Bichon Frise for Family Pets (2) : 2 Bichon Frise required as family pets for 11 year old who h... [more] Bichon Frise Still looking
Family pet : Looking for a staff pup with a good temperament and willing ... [more] Staffordshire Bull Terrier Still looking
IKC Registered Male Dalmatian Looking for A Lady : Looking for a dalmatian bitch not to buy, but to breed with ... [more] Dalmatian Still looking
Irish Red Setter - male pup - 8 weeks old - solid mahogany colour : We would like to welcome an 8 week old Irish Red Setter male... [more] Setter Dog found !
Looking for a miniture Jack Russell puppy - Dublin : Looking for a miniature jack Russell puppy. Living in Dubli... [more] Jack Russell Still looking
Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View