13 dogs wanted

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Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View
Beagle puppy wanted : Beagle puppy wanted. Preferably male as already have 9 month... [more] Beagle Still looking
Golden retriever pup wanted : Looking to give a golden retriever pup a loving forever home... [more] Golden Retriever Still looking
Family Pet in the mini schnauzer mould : Looking for a mini schnauzer or cavadoodle . Rural setting w... [more] Schnauzer Still looking
Family Pet : My family and I would love a family pet. We are looking for ... [more] Any breed Still looking
*Wanted * standard or Miniature schnauzer : We are family looking to add a new member. We already have ... [more] Schnauzer Still looking
beagle puppy : I'm looking for a beagle puppy please. Female preferably. I'... [more] Beagle Still looking
Havanese puppy : Our family is looking to give a Havanese puppy a home filled... [more] Havanese Still looking
Family Pet : Looking for a Black and Tan dachshund - preferably a mini bu... [more] Dachshund Still looking
Forever friend : Hi I'm looking for a forever friend, to cuddle and walk and ... [more] Golden Retriever Dog found !
Family pet : We have a Black and Tan cavalier and we are looking for a br... [more] Cavalier King Charles Still looking
Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View