13 dogs wanted

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Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View
Bernese Mountain Dog for Stud : I am Looking for Male Bernese Mountain Dog for Stud in the C... [more] Bernese Mountain Still looking
Blue Roan : Looking for a blue roan cocker spaniel as my mother and fath... [more] Any breed Still looking
Wanted pittie or mix : Looking for a pittie or pittie mix puppy. Will have an activ... [more] Other Still looking
Wanted Belgian malinois : Looking for a male Belgian Mal puppy. Must be showing a good... [more] Other Still looking
Looking for: Red or Apricot Goldendoodle Puppy (Either F1 or F1b Standard) : I am looking for a very specific puppy- A red or apricot Gol... [more] Any breed Still looking
Cocker spaniel male wanted for breeding : Looking for male cocker spaniel to breed with out female fam... [more] Cocker Spaniel Still looking
Shih tzu - 4/5/6 year old wanted : Hi im looking for a slightly older shih Tzu for my family - ... [more] Shih Tzu Still looking
sire wanted for family pet - great dane faun in colour : WANTED SIRE FOR GREAT DANE, FAUN IN COLOUR NO HEALTH DEFE... [more] Great Dane Dog found !
Wanted red nose Pitbull,American Pitbull terrier : Dog should be affectionate energetic and loving and good wit... [more] Terrier Still looking
Family pet kerry blue : Hi guys, I'm looking for a puppy kerry blue as a family pet ... [more] Kerry Blue Still looking
Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View