106 dogs wanted

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Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View
jorkie stud dog : hi, i have a lovely small miniature jorkie stud dog waiting ... [more] Yorkshire Terrier Still looking
Female Old english sheepdog : Looking for a female oes pup. Must be registered and vaccina... [more] Old English Sheepdog Still looking
Large breed : Hi. We have a very sad house having lost our Beloved Golden ... [more] Bernese Mountain Still looking
Bichon frise : I have a 9 yr old bichon frise which is very happy and conte... [more] Bichon Frise Dog found !
Yorkshire terrior stud wanted near Donegal : Yorkshire terrior stud wanted in Donegal area or close , Pm ... [more] Yorkshire Terrier Still looking
Labrador Puppy : Hi, I'm looking for a Golden or Brown Labrador pup 3 months ... [more] Labrador Still looking
Looking for Bullmastiff stud dog : I'm looking for a Bullmastiff stud dog. My Bullmastiff is c... [more] Mastiff Still looking
Irish soft coated Wheaten Terrier : Looking for a wheaten terrier stud dog. Must be IKC register... [more] Terrier Still looking
Pedigree teacup male stud to breed : Looking for pedigree stud wit at least one successful litter... [more] Chihuahua Dog found !
dogo argentino pup wanted : Im looking for a dogo argentino pup around the dublin area o... [more] Mastiff Dog found !
Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View