104 dogs wanted

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Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View
St. Bernard Pup : Big open garden with very large shed, Always someone at home... [more] St Bernard Still looking
Family Pet : Grown up family in Dublin looking for a medium sized friendl... [more] Schnauzer Still looking
Portuguese Water Dog or any non shed dog : We are looking for any non shed dog as a pal for our 6 year ... [more] Other Dog found !
Family Pet : I am looking for a pure Newfoundland puppy for a family pet ... [more] Newfoundland Still looking
Irish Wolfhound wanted : Loving home on 38 acre coastal land. I have dreamt of having... [more] Irish Wolfhound Dog found !
House dog non shed : Looking for house dog, preferably small, non-shed, good with... [more] Shih Tzu Dog found !
Looking for yorkie for stud : I'm looking for a male Yorkshire terrier dog for stud in Dub... [more] Yorkshire Terrier Dog found !
Pug Wanted : Hello, we are looking for a Pug to join the family. Based in... [more] Pug Still looking
Terrier : I am looking for a Patterdale puppy ( bitch ) I live in K... [more] Other Dog found !
free good home offered to english bulldog female : im looking to place an English bulldog bitch...I have 1 alre... [more] Bulldog Still looking
Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View