103 dogs wanted

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Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View
Family Small Dog - Cockapoo : Looking for a small to Medium Cockapoo Cannot look into br... [more] Any breed Still looking
Daschund for my male daschund : I am looking for a small daschund for company for mysle shor... [more] Dachshund Still looking
Husky pup : We live in a home with 2 children aged 13 and 10 in malahide... [more] Siberian Husky Still looking
tiny yorkshire terrier : Looking for a very small Yorkshire terrier , love these litt... [more] Yorkshire Terrier Still looking
PUG WANTED FOR LOVING HOME : hello I have been tirelessly searching for a black pug for m... [more] Pug Still looking
Small Dog wanted for a loving home : Hi. We have three girls aged 9,12 and 14 who are ready and w... [more] Any breed Still looking
Wanted Staffie/Staffy pup : Wanted a staffie/staffy pup. We're offering a very good lovi... [more] Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog found !
Havanese Puppy Wanted : Looking for a Havanese puppy to become a member of my family... [more] Other Still looking
Labradoodle wanted : Living in the Laytown. Co Louth area. Will travel if right ... [more] Labradoodle Still looking
Golden Retriever #Kerry : We are looking for a Golden Retriever to share our home in V... [more] Golden Retriever Still looking
Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View