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Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View
Small family pup : Am looking for a small family puppie for my little ggirl.Any... [more] Any breed Still looking
Family pet : We would love a golden retriever or a golden Labrador pup to... [more] Golden Retriever Still looking
Wanted Red Setter puppy : Wanted Male Red Setter puppy for 5* home, we live in the cou... [more] Setter Still looking
American eskimo puppy : Looking for American eskimo puppy. Preferably standard siz... [more] Spitz Still looking
Staffy pup wanted : Hi, please contact me if you have staffy pups available or o... [more] Staffordshire Bull Terrier Still looking
Small breed dog : I am looking for a small breed dog (house dog). I have been ... [more] Any breed Still looking
Looking for Beagle Puppy : Hello, I’m looking for a beagle puppy, ideally a bitch but... [more] Beagle Still looking
Golden Retriever Wanted : Looking for a female pup ideally. Would want them to be from... [more] Golden Retriever Still looking
Black Labrador male puppy wanted. : Not looking for a potential field champion, but do require a... [more] Labrador Still looking
Looking for a small furry family friendly doggy : I'm looking for a dog for my home we have a beautiful big ga... [more] Any breed Still looking
Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View