Dogs wanted in Ireland

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Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View
Bernese Pup Wanted : Looking for a Bermese pup if available to go to a loving hom... [more] Bernese Mountain Still looking
Puppy wanted : Looking for an apricot poodle type for a loving family home.... [more] Poodle Still looking
Male Morkie : Looking for a male Morkie puppy. Good home where he would b... [more] Other Mongrel Still looking
Bordoodle : I am looking for Border collie standard poodle mix puppy.Fem... [more] Other Still looking
Aga for your Golden Retriever : We have shared our Family Lives with 3 Golden Retrievers ove... [more] Golden Retriever Still looking
Miniture Husky : Hi guys I was wondering if anyone can tell me if I can get a... [more] Any breed Still looking
Golden Retriever X Border Collie : Looking for a golden retriever female crossed with a male bo... [more] Golden Retriever Still looking
Family Pet : Hi looking for a blue Staffordshire bull terrier puppy as a... [more] Staffordshire Bull Terrier Still looking
Looking for a westie : Looking for a westie either female or male as companion to o... [more] West Highland Still looking
I am looking for a papillon or chihuahua cross breed : Hi I am looking for a Papillon or a Chihuahua cross. It has ... [more] Papillon Still looking
Description of what the owner is looking forBreed View