Tatra Shepherd, pedigree & champion bloodline puppies

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Temperament: Affectionate
Dogs for sale: 0
Location: Carrick on Suir, Tipperary
Country of Origin: Ireland
Current Age: 9 weeks and 6 days
Date of Birth: 24 July 2023
Is Wormed: Yes 🪱
Is Vaccinated: Yes 💉
Is Neutered: No
Is IKC registered: No


We have two Tatra Shepherd puppies (IKC registration pending). This is first litter of this breed born in Ireland. Tatra Shepherds are breed of livestock guarding dogs from the mountain of southern Poland. They are extremely loyal, affectionate, intelligent and obedient dogs. They form very strong unbreakable bonds with their humans. They are great with children and love other animals. They are sensitive, gentle giants with very good hearts. They are extremely easy to train with positive reinforcement. They are not aggressive, therefore not suitable for protection training and work.

They are eye catching dogs due to their impressive looks and calm temperament. Parents in the last 3 photos.

Here is the link to our Facebook page, where you can find videos and updates:


Puppies have been raised at home, with our other dogs, cats and kids. They walk on the lead and are mostly toilet trained. They are microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed up to date. They have been vet checked and passed with flying colours. They are confident, very affectionate chunky pups, they will grow into a very big dogs. Expected adult weight will be 55kg +/- 5kg. Their coat is white and self cleaning. They will only need moderate walking to keep them fit as they are not very energetic or fast breed of dogs. We are asking around €1500 per puppy but price is negotiable.

Both parents are pedigree dogs, with excellent temperament. They have many generations of champions and health tests in their bloodline. Both are fully health tested, they have a very good hip and elbow scores, as well as breed specific DNA panels, with clear results. All their paperwork will be shown and explained during the visit.

Puppies will be going to their new home with their puppy bag: treats, toys, blanket, poop bags, collar and leash, grooming kit, vaccination book and microchip certificate and complementary pedigree. We will give you a sample of their food. Their are eating Royal Canine starter, dry kibble. I can also recommend different quality brands to switched to.

We are very passionate about dogs and breeding. All our dogs are not just pets, but also family members. They have weekly training sessions, which is a great social event for them and ourselves. We enjoy taking part in sporting events, mostly Obedience. All our dogs get hip and elbow scores once they of an appropriate age. They also get Kennel Club recognized genetic testing. If we do decide to breed, their puppies are raised in our house, had an excellent upbringing and socialisation. We do use Puppy Culture, an enrichment program, which was developed by vets and canine behaviourist, to support responsible breeders in raising quality puppies. Our puppies are raised with children, cats and other dogs. They get involved in all the activities of a busy household, parties with our friends, etc. They are great and affectionate pets, very intelligent and keen to please. We have them toilet training outdoors and walking on the lead at the earliest opportunity. Nutrition is equally important, our dogs and puppies are fed premium dry dog food, samples of which is always included in their puppy pack, along with their treats, toys and cuddle blanket. We offer life long support to our puppies owners, as well as discount on pet boarding and grooming services if required. We welcome you to call and visit our nursery and meet our beloved dogs.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss any of the above or for the price.

Microchips Info

Chip # Sex Colour Status
981098108867815 F White On Hold
981098108869175 M White Sold

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