Cockapoo puppies

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Breed: Cockapoo, Doodles
Temperament: Very friendly
Dogs for sale: 2 Males, 3 Females
Location: Manorhamilton, Leitrim
Country of Origin: Ireland
Current Age: 2 months and 4 weeks
Date of Birth: 02 July 2023
Is Wormed: Yes 🪱
Is Vaccinated: Yes 💉
Is Neutered: No
Is IKC registered: No


These Cockapoos are a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a miniature Poodle.

Extremely friendly relaxed, puppies that should be very easy to train. whose curly coats, low-shedding coats are particularly good for allergy sufferers.

These living teddy bears will be a huge addition to any family. They love to cuddle and particularly enjoy being couch warriors.

We have raised these pups on our working sheep farm. These guys are therefore very used to other animals, other dogs and our own children, making them very well rounded confident puppies.

Mammy has unrestricted freedom on our large farm and has a temperament second to none.

Microchips Info

Chip # Sex Colour Status
981098108629545 F Apricot For Sale
981098108628560 F Apricot For Sale
981098108626221 F Apricot For Sale
981098108626078 M Apricot For Sale
981098108626897 M Apricot For Sale

Tips for contacting sellers

  1. Keep communication through our messaging system for as long as possible.
  2. Choose carefully what information you share about yourself in your messages. Do share info if you have a garden, young kids, or other suitable information to help the seller know you are a suitable buyer.
  3. Report suspicious activity to your local Garda Station and via the Report ad button.
  4. We recommend you print or save a copy of this page for your records in case the ad is updated / closed.

Tips for purchasing a puppy

  1. Ask sellers to provide an ID (driver's licence / passport) and take note of their contact details. You will also need to provide the same & a proof of address to transfer the microchip to your name.
  2. Note microchip IDs posted here (981098108629545, 981098108628560, 981098108626221, 981098108626078, 981098108626897) and check the microchip certificates (important) when you visit to make sure they match and the sellers details are on the certificate too (see example microchip certificates).
  3. Do not purchase a dog without seeing a microchip certificate. It is illegal to sell a dog without a microchip that's fully registered (info).
  4. Ask to see mother of puppies.
  5. Make sure the puppy is 8 weeks before taking ownership of the dog (closer to 10-12 weeks is even better).
  6. See puppies in their home environment.
  7. Do not purchase a dog from a seller in a parking lot or other business location.
  8. Ask sellers about the vet who has taken care of the dogs. Ask for the dog's vaccination certificate(s).
  9. Use our contract template or another as a basis for a written contract & ask for a written receipt.
  10. It's best not to bring young kids to first meetings, to avoid disappointment in the case you decide not to buy a dog.



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