Looking for a Maltese Puppy as a Family Pet! (wanted)

TitleLooking for a Maltese Puppy as a Family Pet!
TemperamentAny temperament
Date of BirthFlexible

I would like a dog ...

I'm looking for a new companion and a small brother to my mini schnauzer, Oddie!
Most suitably around December, but any time will do and I do not mind waiting longer :D

After lots of research, I've decided that the dog most suitable for my home would be a maltese, as I live in an apartment in Dublin and seek a dog with hair rather than fur because of allergies in the family. There is somebody at home almost at all times!

A young puppy would be preferred, so he can easier accommodate and understand our lifestyle and bond with my family and Oddie :)

Oddie is very gentle and will be a very good older brother! A meetup with Oddie is totally cool too!
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