Standard or Giant Schnauzer (wanted)

TitleStandard or Giant Schnauzer
GenderAny gender
ColourAny color
TemperamentGood natured
Heightmedium to large
Date of BirthFlexible

I would like a dog ...

Looking for a Standard or Giant Schnauzer with a good social temperament, preferably a pup with darker colouring(black with any type of colouring or grey). Not worried about breeding.

Have one child who is 9 and another due in October so would like to integrate with a pup preferably.

We also have a two year old Bordeaux Boxer rescued as a pup(about 4 months old) with a good temperament with other dogs and kids. Prefer dogs in twos for company which is why I'm looking for a second.

Have always had two dogs ranging in size from Old English sheep dogs to Scottish terriers. Prefer mid to large size dogs for country walks and being able to jog with me.
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