Young Rottweiler family dog (wanted)

TitleYoung Rottweiler family dog
GenderAny gender
ColourAny color
TemperamentAny temperament
Date of BirthFlexible

I would like a dog ...

We would like to adopt or re home a young rottweiler. We had a Rottweiler before and we loved her with all our heart. Unfortunately the dog died for a cancer last year at the age of 7. We can assure and show that we are the absolute best owners for the dog. Our garden is very big and we used to bring our old rottweiler for a walk everyday in a massive field beside our house for one hour or two. We love the temperament of the rottweiler and the reason why we would like a young one is because we have two small cats and we would like them to grow together. The reason why we don't want to "buy" a dog but just to adopt it is because we are sure that there are plenty of dogs looking for re-homing and also because we dont want to incentivize back garden breeders.
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