Rough/broken coated Jack Russell female pup (wanted)

TitleRough/broken coated Jack Russell female pup
BreedJack Russell
ColourAny color
TemperamentAny temperament
Date of BirthSeptember 2014

I would like a dog ...

I have always had JRs from my childhood. My JRs adapted well to family life and were much loved by my children...they have all lived till they were 14/15. My last one, Fionn, whom I bred myself, as I had his mother, died a year ago. He was my second rough/broken coated JR. His mother, Banbha, was rough coated and I bred her once, with a smooth coated JR. My children persuaded me to keep a pup! He was 14 when he died, much loved and mourned. I am only now ready to welcome another dog into my life. I live in a town but spend half the year beside the sea in Co. Donegal. I walk daily and often for long treks. I am looking for another rough/broken coated Jack Russell female pup.
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