Miniature Schnauzer Male (wanted)

TitleMiniature Schnauzer Male
ColourAny color
TemperamentAny temperament
Date of BirthFlexible

I would like a dog ...

I am looking for a Miniature Schnauzer puppy to be the new centre of attention in our home.

Our family pet died last year after being with us for 12 amazing years and now we are looking for our next companion to love. We would love to get a salt and pepper coloured miniature schnauzer, and since our last dog was a female we would like to get a boy this time.

You can be assured they would be coming to an extremely loving home. The are no children or other pets in this house and there is someone at home at all times. We also live a 5 minute walk from a lovely park which is very popular with all the local dog owners.

No younger than 8 weeks, no older than 3 and a half months would be perfect. Thank you.

Please DO NOT call. Emails only.
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