George for stud

Ad Status Open
Published 12/02/2020
Name George
Breed Bernese Mountain
Gender Male
Color Black
Temperament Affectionate
Date of Birth July 2018
LocationTuam, Galway

Further details

IKC RegisteredYes

Message from the owner

George is a 19month old pure bred Bernese Mountain Dog. Family pet. Very affectionate, friendly and good natured. Fantastic guard dog. Sleeps Indoors but loves being outdoors during the day as well. Very obedient to come back when called if off a leash. Brilliant around young kids and other dogs, big or small. Playful, friendly giant.

53kg at present. No hip issues.

Excellent markings with a lovely coat. Fully vaccinated and IKC registered. All documentation are available upon request.

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