Tigran angel&demon for stud

Ad Status Open
Price Pick of litter or other
Published 16/12/2020
Name Tigran Angel&Demon
Breed Doberman
Gender Male
Color Black
Temperament Loyal
Date of Birth April 2018
LocationKilkenny, Kilkenny

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IKC RegisteredYes

Message from the owner

Tigran Angel&Demon is imported European doberman. He is imported from famous kennel Angel&Demon. Tigran is stacked with European champions on both sire and dam sides. Tigrans sire is world famous “Oksamit de grande vinko” Tigran has great temperament and loyalties. This stud is proven. Has had pups over seas artificial insemination is available. Throws big litters never had litter under 10 yet, very big strong boned puppies, also has strong brown gene so you can expect brown and rust and black and rust puppies.
Any enquiries please contact me at 0834567689

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