Toby for stud

Ad Status Open
Price Pick of litter or other
Published 06/05/2020
Name Toby
Breed Newfoundland
Gender Male
Color Black
Temperament Affectionate
Date of Birth July 2018
LocationKilmallock, Limerick

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IKC RegisteredNo

Message from the owner

Hi, my name is Toby and I am 75% Newfoundland and 25% Bernese. I even have a certificate to show this! My mammy was a full Newfie and my daddy was a Bernefie. My human parents have been talking and I overheard the word 'snip'. Apparently though they thought I should get one crack of the whip beforehand and possibly have a daughter/son that myself and my 'sister' could look after (she's sterile).

So my profile if this was a dating website (Plenty of Spit) would be something like this:

Name: Toby
Age: nearly 2
Breed: Nearly Newf
Looking for: Open to breed but a preference for Newfs, Bernese, Leonbergers and Pyrenees
Favorite toy: Tennis balls, sticks and my squeaky ball
Favorite food: Freshly fried mince and sardines
Best Traits: I don't drool like my newfie cousins (only at mealtimes), I'm super furry, I've FULL of LOVE and want rubs all day.
Worse Traits: I've very big and can't be left alone too long or I get really sad. I've selective hearing and want to chase cats

My parents told me to put in what I want in a lady so here goes:

I want her to be not of a commercial breeder but a family pet, maybe even someone in my predicament of about to get 'done' and she want's one litter beforehand. As in my profile I'm after a giant breed as I think my genes will make a fantastic cross or a 87% newf! I'm very inexperienced so I may not know what to do.

All I want out of this (should I 'do the deed' SUCCESSFULLY) is one offspring of my choosing. I can travel within reason with a preference for Limerick/Cork/Tipperary/Clare.

Disclaimer: If a newf should apply then genetically our pups will indeed by 87% newf, however note my 25% bernese means some will prob be black with a white stripe (very cute) and white paws. Off to find some of my best pics now. I look forward to hearing from all the potential ladies but I'm afraid I can only choose one!

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