Magnificent minature poodle stud for stud

Ad Status Open
Price €0
Published 20/05/2020
Name Magnificent Minature Poodle Stud
Breed Poodle
Gender Male
Color Black
Temperament Intelligent
Date of Birth August 2014
LocationBishopstown, Cork

Further details

IKC RegisteredYes

Message from the owner

We are delighted to stud our gorgeous hypoallergenic miniature poodle Cole. Cole has a fantastic temperament , is very good with people and loves all other dogs. He is in fantastic health and has always been a very loving and ultra intelligent dog. He is a sturdy dog who trains very easily and has always been in great health.

He has a very acute sense of smell and he is an extremely alert guard dog. He is not yet a proven sire for the simple reason that we haven't gotten around to it till now but it would be a crime to not share genes like these.

He could sire not only pedigree poodles or fun-size labradoodles, but stunning cockapoos, a breed that has seen a massive increase in popularity in the last 10 years.

We can house your bitch overnight or for a period of two days to ensure mating takes place as we have a safe, secure, large garden.

There will be no charge for the stud service as we would only want pick of the litter as payment.

Please feel free to contact for any inquiries.

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