Magnificent minature poodle stud for stud

Ad Status Open
Price €500
Published 20/05/2020
Name Magnificent Minature Poodle Stud
Breed Poodle
Gender Male
Color Black
Temperament Intelligent
Date of Birth August 2014
LocationBishopstown, Cork

Further details

IKC RegisteredYes

Message from the owner

*Price paid for Cole's services will be the going rate of a pup*

We are delighted to stud our gorgeous hypoallergenic miniature poodle Cole. Cole has a fantastic temperament , is very good with people and loves all other dogs. He is in fantastic health and has always been a very loving and ultra intelligent dog. He is a sturdy dog who trains very easily and has always been in great health.

He has a very acute sense of smell and he is an extremely alert guard dog. Cole is a proven stud and has sired large litters of 9 pups.

He could sire not only pedigree poodles or fun-size labradoodles, but stunning cockapoos, a breed that has seen a massive increase in popularity in the last 10 years.

We can house your bitch overnight or for a period of four days and three nights to ensure mating takes place as we have a safe, secure, large garden.

Please feel free to contact for any inquiries.

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